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Meet A Child

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12 Years Old

Dieter is a vivacious, energtic 12-year old who is free for adoption! Dieter loves music, sports, skate-boarding, riding bikes, and playing video games. His favorite TV show is “Cops” and he especially enjoys watching the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. He is fond of his German heritage and has even learned a few phrases in German. His favorite restaurant is “Golden Corral”. He loves animals, especially horses, and is eager to learn how to ride one. He has great fine motor skill and enjoys exploring and building things. He hopes to be a mechanic when he grows up. Dieter is a great helper and often offers to mow the grass in his current foster home. He has a great personality, sense of humor and has the ability to mimic things he sees on TV or the movies. It is his dream to one day go to Disneyland.

Dieter is in an average student and is in special education, has an Individual Education Plan, has a “self-contained” classroom but is working his way into a mainstream classroom. His favorite subjects are reading and art. Dieter will need a school that understands his special needs and is willing to work with him on a one-to-one basis. Dieter has a twin brother who is not available for adoption at this time. It is Dieter’s wish to stay connected as much as possble with his twin.

The type of family that Dieter will need is a two-parent family with a strong male role model. He also needs a family that can be a strong advocate for him and who has the therapeutic skills and background to care for him in order to meet his special needs. Dieter interacts well with younger children and can be a good teacher and helper but may thrive best in a childless family or in a family where he is the youngest child. Dieter needs a family that will provide structure, nurture, consistency and patience. He needs to work on expanding his attention span as well as expanding his frustration level. The hope for Dieter’s future is that he will hold a steady job and possibly learn to live independently.

Please consider being that “forever family” for Dieter. Please call AmeriPsych at 866-677-0024 for more information.

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