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Meet A Child

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Jordan is an affable, 13 year-old boy looking for a permanent home. Jordan loves sports and has played basketball, baseball & football. He also enjoys soccer. He is currently in the 7th grade and likes to study math & history.

Jordan is an avid movie watcher and an animal lover as well. Dogs are his favorite, although cats are okay, too. He likes birds and hopes to get a fish tank in his room very soon.

Jordan is a meat eater! He really likes steak and pork chops. He loves desserts and says that Strawberry / Vanilla swirl is his favorite flavor. Jordan likes to be in the kitchen and would enjoy learning how to cook.

He states that he wants to go to college, perhaps Duke or UCLA. Ideally, Jordan would like to earn a sports scholarship to play at either school.

When he grows up, Jordan states he would like to be a professional athlete or a firefighter. He also says he hopes to earn a Master’s Degree.

Jordan prefers being around older kids (10+ is okay), but he wouldn’t mind being an only child. He does have siblings in the foster care system and states that he prefers to remain in Arizona. However, he would move to another state if he were able to maintain contact with his brother.

Jordan has attended church with his foster parents and wants to continue to stay connected to the church. He doesn’t espouse a particular faith, although he says he likes the “Christian” faith.

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