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Meet A Child

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Felisha is a beautiful, fun loving teenager. She is 14 years old and is currently residing in a residential treatment facility. Felisha has had a challenging life, and she is in the process of understanding her feelings, and processing her life experiences. Felisha is capable of doing well in school, she is currently receiving A’s & B’s her favorite subject is Math. Felisha strives to get good grades, even with the struggles of learning. Felisha is very upbeat, talkative and eager to help others. Felisha loves animals, the outdoors, swimming, and being a girly girl. Her favorite TV shows are CSI and Ghost Whisperer. Felisha is such a pleasure to be around!

Felisha wants to be adopted by a family that will be very patient, calm and caring to her. Felisha would do well in a two parent family, or a single female family. She would like a family that is able to give her a lot of attention. Felisha would thrive in an environment that had no children or possible an older female child as a positive role model. As a young teenager, Felisha may need structure, boundaries and encouragement to develop her strengths. Felisha would like to live outside of Yavapai County, preferably in warmer climate.

Please call AmeriPsych at 928-776-1484 for more information.

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